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Art + Business ONE Wins MAME Award for Sterling Ranch

Winning an award for best community website is a mark of achievement.  When that award is given for the convergence of forward-thinking strategies blended with emerging innovations and intelligent design, it’s a more newsworthy achievement worthy of further description.

For the 2015 Denver MAME Awards, which honors top achievers in the new-home industry, A+B1 entered the Sterling Ranch website for the 2015 Best Website award – and it won.  

The website is a true achievement in delivering expectations of the new-age customer.  In collaboration with SIEMENS, we took a mobile-first, multi-modal strategy that aligns with the interaction and engagement that website visitors have grown accustomed to via the explosion of mobile Apps.  This is not a traditional community website.  Instead, the strategy affords a seamless transition from a marketing venue today to a resident-centric tool tomorrow.   read more