Green Gables Reserve Microsite
Green Gables Reserve Microsite
Green Gables Reserve Microsite
Green Gables Reserve Microsite
Green Gables Reserve Microsite

About the Project

Green Gables Reserve is situated on a unique piece of land.  The legacy of its previous ownership, Green Gables Country Club, and the future of its next purpose, the community of Green Gables Reserve, come together in perfect harmony to create interest, qualified leads and a bevy of prospective homebuyers already in the queue.

After successfully launching, completing and analyzing four surveys that asked residents what they want most from this community, A+B1 showed those survey respondents and interested homebuyers what to expect via a compelling and informative microsite.  The microsite is the culmination of co-creation with future residents regarding the community’s design, planning and amenity offerings.

Learn more about the Green Gables Reserve Forum surveys and the outcome in our blog post, Enhancing Customer Satisfaction by Asking Questions and Showing Results.

The purpose of the microsite is to build on the excitement of survey respondents and interested homebuyers while the community is being developed, and before pre-sales efforts commence.  To that effect, the Green Gables Reserve Microsite leads prospects on a journey through the visioning of the community and allows them to explore what that vision will become.  

However, we have not lost sight of the microsite’s other intended purpose: continually adding to the homebuilder’s database of interested prospects ready to buy a home.  At any time, microsite users can sign up to be the first to know when homes are available for purchase.

A+B1 has proven with the strategies deployed via the Green Gables Reserve Forum/Surveys that by asking for opinions, a business can create desire, excitement and a sense of ownership.  

This approximate 450-home community has cultivated more than 1,500 interested homebuyers prior to any homes being built.  Excitement will not be lost by inaction, but will be bolstered by seeing and exploring the potentiality of what they helped create.

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