Sharing Connexion
Sharing Connexion
Sharing Connexion
Sharing Connexion

About the Project

A number of years ago, A+B1 assisted in the branding of Connexion Asset Group, LLC – a full service real estate investment firm.  Connexion Asset Group delivers a dynamic and innovative approach to commercial real estate investments, fortified by a multi-talented and experienced team.

After years of success, the principal and CEO came back through our doors with aspirations to extend his real estate expertise into the non-profit arena by:  

  1. Maximizing the value of real estate properties donated to a non-profit and turning those properties into strong funding vehicles for the non-profit programs.
  2. Providing venues for transitional housing providers to deliver their programs to the homeless.

Sharing Connexion is the outcome of the principal’s vision to serve the underserved by creating places for people to find their potential.  After aiding the visioning process and creating the brand identity, vision, mission and core values of Sharing Connexion, A+B1 deployed the brand via an informational website and creative brochure.

The Sharing Connexion team is now outfitted with material and collateral to fulfill its commitment to serving the underserved in our community.

A+B1 is elated to have assisted in the visioning, creation and deployment of this unique non-profit organization.  What’s even more exciting is that A+B1’s founder, Lance Jackson, has been asked to join the advisory board of Sharing Connexion.

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