Lance Jackson, the founder and strategic director for A+B1, has been honing, practicing, and selling his work as an abstract expressionist artist for decades. Yet art isn’t just about the artist’s expression, or at least, not for Lance Jackson. It’s about immersing the viewer in a scene that feels uniquely made for them. And that was our challenge: how to do that online.

Shopping at a gallery can be inspiring. It can also feel stuffy and uncomfortable. The goal for the refreshed and revived LJStudio 209 website was to create an engaging and stimulating art shopping experience for those seeking something more abstract – something that evokes self-exploration. This was accomplished with a well-conceived mix of media: Video to tell Lance Jackson’s story. Full-width, contextual images of each piece with artist notes. Contemplative content and attention-grabbing, yet easy-to-read, typography.

LJStudio 209
LJStudio 209 - Website

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