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Sterling Ranch
Sterling Ranch

About the Project

Smart homes have been on the rise over the past decade as new apps and in-home technology become more and more prevalent.  However, the notion of a “smart community” still seems a bit futuristic.  Not to Art + Business ONE nor the developers of Sterling Ranch, Colorado.

Sterling Ranch, Colorado is a community in Douglas County, located west of Highlands Ranch across Santa Fe Blvd.  It is a community built on sustainability and applied innovations that blend the nature of its surroundings with the nature of its residents’ daily lives.

Art + Business ONE is assisting the developers of Sterling Ranch with the visioning, branding, community design and planning, marketing and materialization of this one-of-a-kind community.  

As a stepping stone to conceptualizing the community brand, A+B1 created messaging pillars to intelligently segment the community’s attributes such as water sustainability, energy conscious systems, educational opportunities, and new-age technology.  This segmentation process creates a foundation for future market messaging, design and the visual language that presents community amenities.

A+B1 has taken a holistic approach for branding the community.  We are infusing and imbuing the brand throughout every facet of the community.  Whether it is the entry monument and experiential sequence of visitors and residents when entering Sterling Ranch, or aesthetic and planning concepts to make every village within the community unique yet part of the whole.

Working with the developers and the community’s strategic partners such as Siemens, IBM, Denver Botanic Gardens and Vanderbilt University, A+B1 is coordinating efforts to create a branded community that resonates with all types of residents and is tailored to fit any lifestyle.   

With Chatfield and Roxborough State Parks right down the street, Siemens smart-home technology connecting every home in the community and executing a new perspective on community development, Sterling Ranch is ahead of its time.

It’s an exercise to conceptualize a futuristic community, and it’s a challenge to facilitate its actuality.  Art + Business ONE is eager to tackle the challenge.

Updates on Current Projects:

Through systematic collaboration techniques and artful, innovative strategy deployment, A+B1 is demonstrating its ability to tackle extensive projects that require a breadth of expertise and experience.  Here are select updates on projects we’re currently working on for Sterling Ranch:


The initial phase of the Sterling Ranch website launched on June 4, 2015.  When conceptualizing the visitor experience, we took a forward-thinking approach by using a mobile-first, multi-modal strategy.  The website is currently a marketing platform to build awareness and position the community.  

A+B1 won the 2015 MAME Award for Best Community Website.  

In total, there are 4 phases for the website’s growth.  We invite you to check back for further updates and explore the Sterling Ranch website from any device.

Read more about our work on the Sterling Ranch website in A+B1’s blog posts:

Delivering Expectations of the New-Age Customer

Art + Business ONE Wins MAME Award for Sterling Ranch 

Realtor Relations Program

Realtors are key advisors in the home finding and home purchasing process, and that’s why A+B1 created a program like none other to service real estate professionals.  A product of A+B1’s decades of experience creating brands and messaging for new-home communities, Sterling Ranch’s REALTOR® Resource Program provides Realtors timely, relevant and exclusive information.  And that’s not all.  

REALTOR® Resource is an online forum for Realtor partners to impart feedback and insights on client wants and needs, be notified about and sign up for Realtor-related events for education on the community and for continuing education credits, and view or suggest exclusive sponsorship opportunities.

Internalization Tactics

Sterling Ranch has an abundance of attributes to talk about, more than most other communities.  To this end, A+B1 conceptualized internalization programs to ensure everyone – the development team, spokespeople, homebuilder sales and marketing teams, and strategic partners – can use branded messaging cues and stay on target with propitious and timely talking points.

We conceptualized and are now creating an online resource toolkit with multi-level access controls for the developer, strategic partners, Realtors and homebuilder sales and marketing teams.  Now, information can be shared to appropriate internal audiences without having to dig through emails for the right attachment.   

Others We Can’t Share… Yet

A+B1 is working with Sterling Ranch on a bevy of behind-the-scenes projects such as community design and planning, innovative technologies, and collaborations amongst strategic partners.  A lot of which we can’t talk about quite yet.  

Check back frequently to stay updated on what we’re doing for this one-of-a-kind, forward-thinking community that is on the leading edge of nature in southwest Denver.

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