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Are we using enough of our hearts?

How A+B1 uses neurodesign in real estate marketing to connect, emotionally…

In real estate brand and marketing, it’s our job to study people. We have to go beyond what’s relevant in our society because residential community development isn’t a consumer-packaged good. Popular culture is only one facet. Instead, community branding is all about the heart and what makes us human, feel human, and connect with our human-ness.

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Are real estate selling seasons changing?

Shifting tides call for new strategies

The real estate market across Colorado follows the trends of the four seasons we experience, each in full, every year. It goes from hot to cold to everything in between. And typically, the winter is cold for the real estate market just like the temperatures, until the Super Bowl hits.

Just like anything, trends tend to change. So, is the selling season changing in the real estate market? Especially for new homes? It depends on what piece of the pie you’re looking at.

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Looking ahead. Real estate marketing in 2024.

What’s in the cards for the New Year?

We’ve all heard the good news: interest rates are anticipated to drop throughout 2024. Buyers of all sorts are re-entering the marketplace. Stronger and more intentional than ever. When it comes to homebuyers in particular, they’ve taken the time to refine wants versus needs. To check out what’s out there. And to understand what they truly want.

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A time for appreciation and giving back

Relationships are everything. They make the world work.

The relationships to brands that make purchasing their products second-nature. Relationships with neighbors and the people that make our communities function. Like the barista that knows your name (and favorite pick-me-up); the neighbor that always waves; colleagues and counterparts that help get things done.

We take pride in building new relationships and building up long-term ones, too. Because relationships are what we do. It’s one of the best parts of building brands with our real estate marketing clients.

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Our latest Real Estate Marketing Awards from MAME 2023

Recognizing our work and our clients

Every year, the HBA of Metro Denver hosts its Marketing and Merchandising Excellence Awards event to recognize top performers in Denver’s new home industry. These recognitions run the gamut from expert sales people, superintendents, and new home designs to marketing collateral, websites, and community brand programs.

And every year, we have the opportunity to showcase our work for our clients. Yet, our submissions aren’t just tossed in for recognition. We hand-pick each and every submittal in an effort to highlight our innovations.

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