“Our approach represents the convergence between an artful perspective of our client’s brand and a disciplined dedication to our client’s business success.”

– Lance Jackson | Founder, President, Strategic Director


A person’s upbringing says a lot about them. We think the same about our company:

The company was founded in 1975 as a graphic design firm for various local brands and national enterprises. In our formative years, we grew and expanded to three different cities serving brands across various industries. Like hospitality, franchising, retail, technology, and consumer packaged goods.

As early as 1980, our clients were enamored with our belief in Integrated Marketing Communications – taking all facets of a clients’ brand into one creative agency so all stakeholders are on the same brand page, with the same brand voice, and the same brand experience. We were pioneers of IMC.

Today, we are a team of specialists with diverse expertise spanning three generations under the brand premise, Art + Business ONE. We are artful business strategists.


We perceive brand as every experience, every touchpoint, every interaction. Brand is a relationship. It must be approached holistically.

Successful brands are built from a blend of systematic development and an artistic, distinguishing expression of a brand’s proprietary proposition. Our approach to brand development is to ensure your brand is successfully driven from the beginning, and has a vision to carry into the future.

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