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Our Favorite Work: Branding Nonprofit Entities

There are two moments so gratifying for a branding and integrated marketing communications firm, like Art + Business ONE, that make the work we do meaningful and worth every minute.

The first is when a brand we helped create several years ago returns to our studio to discuss extensions to that brand due to its success.  The second is when we have the opportunity to help brand a non-profit entity focused on aiding the underserved in our community.  This past month, A+B1 was fortunate enough to have both moments happen simultaneously, and with the same client.

The client, a Colorado based real estate asset management group, came to us nearly six years ago for a refreshment to their brand.  That brand found quick, sustained and promising success.  Now, if that were your brand, what would you do if it grew in size and ability, quickly?  For us, we would create a foundation.  Well, that’s exactly what brought this client back through our door — to create a non-profit brand extension.

Nonprofits and foundations get funding from three primary sources: grants, fundraising and individual giving.  Essentially, they get money by asking for it.  However, non-profits often receive donations of property — whether it is raw land, a building or another form of real estate.  Our client’s non-profit brand extension will utilize its real estate expertise to support other nonprofit organizations in our community.

It has been a forty-year commitment on the part of the founder to support the underserved, and it is a passion for the entire A+B1 team to carry on this long-term tradition.  This is the work we love and is one of the reasons we are in this business.


More will be shared about this new non-profit in due time, so be sure to check back.

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