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20+ Years of Creative Content Experience Adds to A+B1 Expertise

Bolstering the team; expanding areas of expertise; adding decades of experience in proven, strategic messaging.

After working with A+B1 remotely, Chris Lynch, Creative Content Director, has joined the A+B1 team to provide his 20+ years of experience in creative content writing, direction and implementation.  Chris’ previous multi-industry work includes healthcare, retail, hospitality, destination and financial services.  When a content producer can turn financial services language into marketable and compelling messaging, then you know you’ve got an expert.  Yet, Chris’ skill and practical knowledge go beyond creative content.

The branding work A+B1 specializes in is more than just the strategic creation of a company’s messaging.  We pride ourselves on the strength of our whole brand thinking to ensure our clients’ brands are built to last.  Chris’ expertise contributes to the already strong foundation of the A+B1 branding strategies.

When working with Chris, it is assured that the complex will be made simple with his crisp, communicative style.  With Chris now on the team, we are proud of our cohesive and strategic approach to content production, implementation and refinement.
Learn more about Chris from our About  page.

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