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Delivering Expectations of the New-Age Customer

In today’s environment of continually enhancing technology, customers turning to mobile devices for research and to make purchases, and the expectation of a seamless in-store and online experience, customers of all wants and desires anticipate more from their purchasing experience than ever before.

According to Customer Experience – The Next Strategic Business Imperative, a Digital Doughnut and Innometrics report, by 2020 customers will weigh their experience with a brand more heavily than the price of that brand’s products. Your customer may choose a competitor not because of price, but because the competitor offers a better overall brand interaction.

Beating your competition with price has never been a strong differentiator. To stand out amongst the noise, your brand must differentiate with an engaging, integrated, fluid experience right from the start. The positive contact your customers have with your digital storefront, your sales office, your products, your other customers’ input, and most importantly your customer service, is what will keep them coming back and will keep them talking positively about your brand.

At A+B1, we’re fussy about brand experience. As a result, we’re fussy customers, too. We not only know, but we also expect and insist on the first-hand need for an engaging, authentic and smooth purchasing process and overall brand experience. We took what we know, what we see in our day-to-day, and the obvious realities of the changing customer experience landscape, and put that to use to build a brand experience model like none other for a client that is like none other.

Sterling Ranch, Colorado, a new community priding itself on applied innovations that enhance both the natural surroundings and the nature of resident’s daily lives, first needed a website experience that contours to the expectations of prospective homebuyers’ purchasing experience. Enter A+B1, and enter mobile-first website strategies.

With the goal of a seamless mobile, desktop, and upcoming on-site experience, A+B1 approached the community’s website concept from a user’s perspective. What do users expect when entering the website? What will they pay attention to and what will they discover for themselves? And most importantly, how are our goals aligned with theirs? In collaboration with SIEMENS, the global technologies solutions powerhouse, we at A+B1 constructed a mobile-first website with multi-modal consistency. Whether engaging with the website on your smart phone, laptop or tablet, the experience and the flow are congruous across platforms – and aligned with what you can expect as a customer.

A+B1’s mobile-first approach enhances the look, the feel, and the user experience to enable an engaging and meaningful customer experience right from the start. Examine the Sterling Ranch, Colorado website from any device, and continue to check back to watch it grow alongside the community.

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