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Art + Business ONE Wins MAME Award for Sterling Ranch

Winning an award for best community website is a mark of achievement.  When that award is given for the convergence of forward-thinking strategies blended with emerging innovations and intelligent design, it’s a more newsworthy achievement worthy of further description.

For the 2015 Denver MAME Awards, which honors top achievers in the new-home industry, A+B1 entered the Sterling Ranch website for the 2015 Best Website award – and it won.  

The website is a true achievement in delivering expectations of the new-age customer.  In collaboration with SIEMENS, we took a mobile-first, multi-modal strategy that aligns with the interaction and engagement that website visitors have grown accustomed to via the explosion of mobile Apps.  This is not a traditional community website.  Instead, the strategy affords a seamless transition from a marketing venue today to a resident-centric tool tomorrow.  

What does that mean?

The online experience now, before the community is built, emulates the future online experience that residents will engage with through multiple digital venues, daily.  

There is plenty to expect from this new community in terms of innovative technologies that, collectively, elevate the daily functions of residents’ lives as well as enhance the community’s natural amenities and surroundings.  One of those technologies is a digital venue right within the home. And that venue, a multi-function touchpad and interface, emulates the feel and flow that is consistent with all other web and mobile applications that serve the community.

What more does that mean?

We’ve created the foundation, the backbone, the platform for the community’s digital venues now and in the future.  For a prospective resident using the current marketing website, or a future resident logging in to pay their utility bills, the experience will be seamless.  There is no relearning curve – which means tomorrow’s residents can engage efficiently with an already familiar, already user-friendly experience.

We’re proud to have won this award today on behalf of Sterling Ranch. However, we’re more proud of the end result it represents – the positive experience that residents can expect here tomorrow.

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