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What’s New at Art + Business ONE

What’s new? A lot. Art + Business ONE (A+B1) is pleased to announce:

We’ve garnered new clients

A+B1 has been tapped by one of the world’s largest technology powerhouse corporations, Siemens. We will be working closely with its local and corporate teams to support the strategic articulation and presentation of how Siemens is innovating infrastructure and technology systems for all types of development. It is a complex web of integrated services that Siemens provides, and A+B1’s strategic and creative services have been retained to make the complex simple and compelling.

Also, A+B1 has been retained by Brookfield Residential Properties to brand, refine and bring to market two communities. One is brand new and carries the sensibilities and attributes that we hold sacred as a company built by a Colorado native – staying true to the legacy of the land and promoting the best this state has to offer. The other is in need of refinement before expanding its offerings and providing even more new homes for growing families.

We’re deploying brand-aligned public relations

A+B1 is taking on brand-aligned public relations efforts for Sterling Ranch Development Company. We will now showcase the holistic and strategic approach of converging brand, marketing and public relations communications to consistently present a unified story to the B2B and B2C marketplace.

When there is a larger story to tell, like there is at Sterling Ranch Development, it must be done from a holistic perspective. Coordinating and collaborating with the development team, news media, and leveraging public relations support from the community’s strategic partners is a presentation of A+B1’s approach to integrated communications.

We are pleased to bring public relations efforts to the table for Sterling Ranch, and we are happy to provide this service to our other clients.

Stay tuned as we roll out more forward-thinking strategies in support of our forward-thinking clients.

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