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AB1 5 components of branding

The 5 key components of branding

What we know from decades of proven experience

Brands don’t come from thin air. Far from. Visionaries become entrepreneurs by putting rubber to road. There’s a friction that must happen for a brand to lift off.

That’s where the 5 key components of branding come in (as well as A+B1).  

Let’s start with the vision. A vision of a new community. A new business. A new product. A new joint venture. It all begins with proper due diligence and proper 1. brand research.

Brand research guides your brand with customer insights, aspirations and opportunities to grow brand affinity. And if you’ve followed our emails, Facebook and Instagram, and blog posts, then you know we’re strong believers in the power of research – co-created research.

Ask us about creating respectful dialog to cultivate your prospects and create brand ambassadors before your vision is available for purchase.

From research comes artful and business-minded 2. brand strategy to support your goals of optimal value, sustainable results, and a proprietary position in the marketplace. A+B1’s decades of proven experience in this arena take your brand beyond the competition today by equipping it with a strategy to carry it well into the future.

And what we know from doing this too many times than we can count is that a great idea is… great, but great 3. brand design is priceless.

Great brand design is about crafting intelligent design programs to communicate your brand’s big idea across multiple venues while consistently presenting the brand’s persona. In other words, its unique voice, look, feel and experience that sets your brand apart.

Voice. Look. Feel. Experience. Now, your brand comes to life through 4. brand creative. The rubber meets the road as we build your brand’s presences wherever it will be seen. A+B1’s professional design team converges its multiple areas of expertise to showcase your brand in-person, online, in the airwaves and wherever your prospects go.

The puzzle is (nearly) complete. You’re excited. We’re excited. Let’s get the marketplace excited via our proprietary A.P.E.C. approach to 5. brand marketing.

But more on that in our next blog post. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, learn more about our breadth of capabilities in brand research, strategy, design, creative, and marketing.

Then, let’s connect about your vision – your brand.

Ready to move your brand beyond your competition? Let's talk.