Know your customer, their needs, wants, expectations and their aspirations. Take the guess work out and know what motivates and inspires your prospect. Customer insights gained from the beginning create the foundation for a successful and enduring brand proposition.

Demographic and Psychographic Analysis

Define your prospects demographic profile and lifestyle preferences. Knowing who they are, what they enjoy, what they purchase and identify with will give your brand the necessary context to express itself.

Competitive Analysis

Great brands understand from the beginning who their competition is and what their competition’s brand position is. Once you formally assess your competition, you can then establish your brand’s proprietary position-beyond your competition.

Co-creation and Prospect Cultivation

Respectful dialog and the exchange of ideas with your most likely customer can serve your R&D efforts as well as create an affinity that also becomes your early sales cultivation strategy. Ask your prospects meaningful questions and you will create the environment for brand advocacy from the beginning.

Primary and Secondary Research

The leadership team of A+B1 has extensive experience in both primary and secondary research. Most importantly, we have the expertise to contour our research efforts in the most effective way for your brand.

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