Well-conceived strategies offer the discipline and focus that produce results. A+B1’s Strategic Director has over 40 years of experience in strategic planning. Viewing your brand initiatives in the proper context, knowing all the opportunities available to communicate to your market and establishing the ability to monitor and measure your results is critical.

Visioning Programs and Facilitation

A+B1 offers unique and engaging methods and programs to define those “big ideas” that deserves definition and context. Defining a new and unique concept requires the proven guidance A+B1 can deliver.

Strategic Planning

Establishing your brands strategic plan requires experience-driven expertise and an understanding of hierarchical planning methods. A+B1 stands ready to develop with you a cohesive, comprehensive, and integrated plan-of-action.

Customer Experience Mapping

Mapping your prospect/customer brand experience gives you opportunities to reinforce your brand’s value proposition and establishes the critical touchpoints to ensure brand loyalty and advocacy. See your brand through your customer’s eyes-it’s eye opening.

Awareness, Positioning, Engagement and Cultivation

Your brand expenditures require a comprehensive understanding of the four critical stages of acquiring a new customer. Well beyond traditional marketing plans, APEC plans by A+B1 are carefully crafted utilizing a longitudinal construct that makes every expenditure accountable to the end result-a new brand customer.

Strategic Alliance and Co-branding Programs

Strategic alliances and co-brand partnerships can be key to building brands beyond your competition. A+B1 has the experience and the capabilities to make a business-to-business relations a significant business advantage.

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