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Our Passion for Brand in Community Development

Throughout the history of our firm and President Lance Jackson’s career, we have been engaged in branding and integrated marketing communications for numerous master-planned communities. One of our first major clients was The Mission Viejo Company, which transformed a large parcel of land in unincorporated Douglas County into the well-known community of Highlands Ranch. Since the community’s advent in the late 1970s, it has consistently grown and is now home to more than 100,000 residents.

Today, we enjoy working with several leading developers and homebuilders in the Denver metro area to bring homebuyers a diverse array of new-home communities, including Barefoot Lakes, Brighton Crossings, Colliers Hill, Green Gables Reserve, Sterling Ranch, Verona and Whispering Pines. read more

Cultivating Customers through Databases of the Digital Age

For decades, it has been common practice to purchase lists of addresses and send out a direct mail piece in the area surrounding your business, with hopes that the recipients might be interested in what your company is selling. While this method of outreach is still utilized, there are now other, more cost-effective options for building robust databases and pulling prospects into sales arenas.

We can invite people to share their information through a variety of online and in-person venues, such as websites, e-newsletter sign-ups, co-creation survey forums, social media, guest books at community events, static kiosks and more. Ideally, sign-up opportunities are optional, enabling prospects to opt in to continue their relationship with your brand. That means your database is filled with true, interested and engaged prospects. read more

Recruiting Customers Through Co-Creation

How do you know what your customers want if you don’t ask them? Most businesses are familiar with the concept of asking customers for feedback on a product. The way in which companies approach market research continues to evolve, as does the determination of why, how, when and where to ask customers their opinion.

In some industries more than others, a shift has occurred recently that places greater significance on co-creation. Companies engage customers early on when they still have a chance to influence the product’s design. Before companies undergo the time and expense of fully developing a product, it makes sense to pull in their prospective and existing customers for insight. read more

Solving Challenges of Change with Brand Internalization

The power of a well-built brand is resilient to change and supports solutions to overcoming challenges of change – because change is inevitable; change is disrupting; yet change produces opportunities for brand refinement and growth.

A financial institution that we branded to increase market share several years ago – unifying internal departments and elevating the customer – has asked us to find solutions for the ensuing challenges of its upcoming transitional leadership changes.   read more