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More than wants and needs. Way more.

Selling to your buyers’ aspirations.

Getting to know your audience has grown and morphed and is continually changing. 

But what’s next to gain a competitive market advantage when everyone seems to be using the same mix?

The answer: Getting to know your buyers’ aspirations. 

There are demographics of your buyers. There are psychographics of your buyers. Combine competitive market analyses and migration trends and you’ve got a perspective of your buyers.

Getting to know your buyers’ aspirations, though, requires us to go beyond the assumptions from quantitative data of demographics and perceived psychographics.

How to do this? Encourage dialogue. Ask (the right) questions. Listen and respond to show you’re actively listening.

It’s about understanding and capturing the imagination of your prospects and how they see themselves ideally – now and in the future. This is especially true with active agers, and is especially true with first-time buyers.

Here’s how it all comes together.

Recently, we’ve been focused on going beyond surface-level wants and needs and asking people, “How do you aspire to live?”  

Specifically in regard to the new home community – Sonders Fort Collins

Using the Sonders Forum, we’re surveying the Northern Colorado new home marketplace about what gets their minds going. What intrigues them. What gives them life and purpose and joy. 

Garnering this research employs a respectful, dialogue-based approach to defining, creating and then marketing a product, or a community, that is rooted in the deeper aspirations of our marketplace. 

It’s how we create brand ambassadors before what you offer can be experienced.

Let’s do this together. Contact us to start the dialogue.

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