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July 2014

The Whole Brand Approach of Art + Business One has proven successful across many industries, but our success in the Colorado real estate industry is something we’re especially proud to talk about.

For nearly 40 years, we have been one of the most innovative forces within the Colorado real estate market.

We have an impressive and long-standing reputation within the real estate community of Colorado. In 1978, we worked with Mission Viejo in developing and planning the master community of Highlands Ranch, Colorado. In 1997 when Mission Viejo sold Highlands Ranch to Shea Homes, our work continued.

Today, we are proud to advance our work in the real estate and development communities through our collaborations with Shea Homes, Colliers Hill, Reunion, and most recently, Green Gables Reserve. It is through these relationships that we’re able to play a role in creating some of the most desirable communities in Colorado.

As a result of research conducted regarding potential homebuyers in Erie, Colorado, Art + Business One found that what resonated most with young families and homebuyers seeking to buy a home in the vicinity of Erie is the appeal of a small-town community adjacent to the opportunities of living a full life. With that research in mind, A+B1 coined the term “Small Town, Big Life” to represent the lifestyle at Colliers Hill in Erie, Colorado. Homebuyers at Colliers Hill will enjoy not only some of the most beautiful, open space in the state, but also amenities within the development that help buyers make the most of life.

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We’ve always been passionate about looking at things differently in order to create more meaningful experiences. Our involvement with the Colorado real estate community has allowed our passions to take hold, and our approach to creating “whole brands” to flourish.

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