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Where rubber meets the road for branding

How we launched the BeWell House program for McStain

Marketing is where (and when) the rubber meets the road for brand. Where we put to the test our 5 key components of branding

Like our recent work with McStain and its healthier, environmentally-conscious perspective for building new homes.

Our approach was to take all of the remarkable qualities of these new homes and package them into a brand program to communicate effectively why these homes are better all around. And that’s just what we did with BeWell House.

Working with McStain’s leadership and marketing team, A+B1’s proprietary Awareness. Positioning. Engagement. Cultivation. (APEC) planning strategy launched the brand program across various venues such as social, web landing pages, email marketing, print and digital, public relations, and the soon-to-be-unveiled BeWell Inspiration Center at McStain’s exclusive Arras Park new home community in Thornton.

More information isn’t always better. That’s why we spent countless hours interviewing, researching, writing and rewriting how to explain these features and benefits concisely.

From its inception, BeWell House has taken a visual-first approach: powerful photography and typography, simple iconography, and copy that evokes emotion and paints a picture of a brighter, healthier future based on why.

That approach is now fulfilled across print and digital campaigns with 5280 Magazine to properly position the program for targeted buyers. Dedicated email blasts, multiple two-page print ads, rotating digital marketing messages, and more outfitted the campaign.

But we’re not done yet. Our APEC plan delivers a flexible schedule to communicate relevant details at the right time to keep sales momentum.

Together, the cumulative storytelling for McStain, its BeWell House, and its exclusive BeWell House community, Arras Park, garnered pent-up interest beyond what labor and materials could supply. 

To read more, click here for ConstructUtopia.com’s article that was gained from our public relations efforts.

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