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A year of honing our craft. A great segue to 2022.

Strengths gained and awarded, and new real estate marketing capabilities tapped in 2021

Yes! The year is (nearly) done. And it’s a great segue into 2022, just over the horizon, when we get to further hone and expand our real estate marketing capabilities.

In 2021, we all grappled with the continuing challenges of this current pandemic lifestyle, yet we all found successes and new strengths to buoy and carry us. At A+B1, we’ve honed our ability to do what we do best from where it is safest and makes most sense. 

Hopefully that changes soon. But we can’t take for granted all that we’ve gained and accomplished. 

And nothing happens without collaboration. We’re honored to work with our clients and our content partners.

MAME Awards

This year’s Merchandising and Marketing Excellence Awards (MAME) marked a change in the new home industry. We’re proud to be a leader in that change. Let’s get specific with the two awards we won.

Winning Best Video for Barefoot Lakes, developed by Brookfield Residential, was an impactful achievement that shows the need for multicultural representation in marketing. 

We created the concept that our video partner, Hidden Woods Media, took across the finish line with a polished and beautiful product. We’re elated for our continued collaboration. 

To watch the video, visit www.BarefootLakes.com.

Up against various and great competition, we won Best Radio for Brighton Crossings, also developed by Brookfield Residential. 

It’s emotive. 

It’s relevant. 

It’s telling a story about a multi-generational family that’s found their authentic selves amongst all that’s Made in Brighton Crossings. 

In collaboration with Rocky Mountain Recorders, we created an award-winning radio spot for English stations and reproduced in Spanish for our Latinx radio audience.

What We’re Proud Of

We wouldn’t be anywhere without our clients. 

Whether they’re currently the #1 selling new home community in Colorado, 

paving the way for a new culture of aging

creating the best places to call home

or innovating how new homes that are built for our personal and environmental health and wellness,

we’re proud (and grateful) to work with each of them. 

Burgeoning New Capabilities

Honing our craft comes with picking up new tools and new real estate marketing capabilities to meet the marketplace where it is, and where it is going. 

The last two years have exponentially ramped up customer engagement online. We’re talking new home shoppers doing the majority of research, touring, and comparing online before ever stepping foot at a physical location.

That’s why we’re proud to showcase our set of new tools to engage customers where they spend (a lot of) their time – online. 

Interactive Maps > See how we are storytellers via interactive community mapping. Here’s a sampling.

 • Colliers Hill Interactive Community Map (click here to explore)

 • Reunion Colorado Interactive Community Map (click here to explore)

 • Barefoot Lakes Interactive Community Map (click here to explore)

 • Brighton Crossings Interactive Community Map (click here to explore)

 • And soon, the Sonders Fort Collins Interactive Community Map (click here coming soon)

SEO > Connect with us about SEO strategies and implementation to outperform your competition with searchable and trust-building content.

Browse the suite of our capabilities.

You’ll soon see how all of this works together.

And we’ll soon see you (and work with you) in the New Year. Cheers!

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