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A higher regard for real estate web design

Web design, user experience, and search engine optimization blended perfectly together

We hold real estate web design in high regard. It’s a unique exercise that blends multiple website functions into a digital experience that’s meant to wow (every time), provide pertinent information to make a decision, and stay consistent with relevant, ongoing insights about the project. 

Real estate web design requires a breadth of knowledge about its visitors, how they’re getting to the website, and why. Our targeted approach to the re-envisioning of the Sonders Fort Collins new home community website is a prime and recent example of what we mean.

In today’s day and age, the amount of websites we interact with on a daily basis makes us all (somewhat) user experience experts. That’s why we’re going to assume you understand why certain websites work, look and function differently. 

Like, if it’s an e-commerce website, there will be a multitude of pages with products and product information. If it’s a restaurant or venue, you can guarantee there’s a lot of storytelling and great imagery to boot. If it’s an artist’s website, it’s a collection of images, photos, and other visual examples of their work. 

For real estate web design, however, the clay is wet, may require changes quite often, and is meant to tell a story yet to unfold. A story of what’s to come, what’s here, and what makes a special place. Hence, the re-envisioning of the Sonders community website is the latest product of changing wet clay that helps tell a story.

To get there, it starts with a deep appreciation for the unfolding stories of future residents, our prospective customers. For Sonders Fort Collins, the project’s vision is to foster the aspirations of retirees, empty nesters, and those seeking a connected, active, and forward-thinking community. 

Having that deep appreciation for our audience, we know they do their research. And without much to visit in real life yet at Sonders, the re-envisioned community website required a beautiful marriage of design and pertinent information, user experience and search engine optimization.

Each page was designed with the user in mind. To get there, we asked questions like: What will add a sense of delight to every interaction? How can we provide pertinent information quickly, seamlessly, and beautifully? How can we keep an elevated design while making sure Google and other search engines can help prospective customers find us?

The answers to these questions are found in the details:

• An interactive map to give future residents a sense of the community layout.

• Lazy load effects to encourage scrolling and faster page load speed.

• Optimized content and page structures for search engine friendliness.

• Video, motion and movement on the homepage.

• Multiple areas for prospects to join the database and for varying purposes.

• Ongoing surveys through the Sonders Forum to garner first-hand answers from interested prospects.

Check it out for yourself at www.SondersFortCollins.com. And see more examples of real estate websites, interactive maps, and more in our blog post about 2021’s accomplishments.

We look forward to connecting with you about real estate web design and your re-envisioned website.

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