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Looking ahead. Real estate marketing in 2024.

What’s in the cards for the New Year?

We’ve all heard the good news: interest rates are anticipated to drop throughout 2024. Buyers of all sorts are re-entering the marketplace. Stronger and more intentional than ever. When it comes to homebuyers in particular, they’ve taken the time to refine wants versus needs. To check out what’s out there. And to understand what they truly want.

The road ahead for real estate marketing in 2024 will cross the path between logical and emotional. Marrying a big, research-based decision with that first impression filled with all the feels. Because when authenticity is the foundation, connecting with our humanity comes naturally.

And that’s what buyers want. Whether they have no children (currently), are moving down for less maintenance and better proximity to family, or are investing in their future and their lifestyle, homebuyers expect their expectations to be met.

Here are a few real estate marketing projects we look forward to expanding on in 2024:

Something special is growing in Bloom Fort Collins

Coming to the gateway of downtown Fort Collins, where the Old Town has all the energy of a college town, is a New Urbanism kind of community from Hartford Homes. It’s the beginning of transformative enhancements along Mulberry Ave, the gateway to downtown Fort Collins from I-25.

To capture the right, entry-level, no-children-but-in-the-plan type of audience, digital, social and organic media are the focus.

Watch the BloomFortCollins.com website grow throughout the year and stay up on our real estate marketing in action on the community’s Instagram and Facebook.

The burgeoning of Prairie Song

Also brought to you by Hartford Homes, Prairie Song in Windsor is coming to life with its first amenities and landscaped areas this year. And to capture and share its growth, a community event and photo/video shoot is on the calendar for this spring.

See how we bring Prairie Song to life with its first events by signing up for the community’s emails.

Fostering a healthy culture of aging at Sonders Fort Collins

With every vision come to fruition also comes the unveiling of its parts and pieces. We’re beyond excited to announce and engage in the grand opening of community amenities that have made Sonders Fort Collins the nation’s first Pre-Certified Lifelong Community.

Because the ability to live full lives in our homes surrounded by the people we love and doing the things we love doing is absolutely priceless. And that’s what will be fulfilled at Sonders.

Follow along from community emails or Instagram and Facebook.

Looking Glass in Parker

This year is a year of expansion for Looking Glass in the highly-sought-after locale of Parker, Colorado. More development and more homes means more reason to get the good word out there. And there’s a lot to talk about.

Expanding upon its Be Legendary campaign, 2024 is ripe with plenty of new content to outfit this forward-looking kind of community that elevates the best of Colorado’s ranching heritage.

Stay connected as we’ll have more to share about our work with Looking Glass.

Big Things in Elbert County

From the great minds behind the Independence community in Elizabeth, CO, come two remarkable communities that aim to put Elbert County on the map.

Craft Companies has invited our team to brand these communities and bring them to the marketplace over the coming years. And we think some beautiful things are in the work.

Keep up on our emails and follow us on Instagram and Facebook as we have more to share.

Even More on the Way

There’s more in store for 2024. Some that we can’t quite talk about yet. And the best part: we get to use the full gamut of our real estate marketing capabilities. From visioning and brand development to community launch and marketing strategies, materials, and tactics and ongoing advertising and online visibility.

It’s a fun year ahead.

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