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Don’t fix what isn’t broken. Make it better.

Expressing Markel Homes’ true passion: TrueDesign

“If something isn’t broken, don’t fix it.” We’re not big believers in that old saying. Our purpose is to stoke creativity, propel innovation; to look at what’s working and say, “how can we make that better?”

That’s exactly what the leaders and visionaries of Markel Homes did. And that’s why they came to A+B1 – we look at brands differently.

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Where rubber meets the road for branding

How we launched the BeWell House program for McStain

Marketing is where (and when) the rubber meets the road for brand. Where we put to the test our 5 key components of branding

Like our recent work with McStain and its healthier, environmentally-conscious perspective for building new homes.

Our approach was to take all of the remarkable qualities of these new homes and package them into a brand program to communicate effectively why these homes are better all around. And that’s just what we did with BeWell House.

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AB1 5 components of branding

The 5 key components of branding

What we know from decades of proven experience

Brands don’t come from thin air. Far from. Visionaries become entrepreneurs by putting rubber to road. There’s a friction that must happen for a brand to lift off.

That’s where the 5 key components of branding come in (as well as A+B1).  

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More than wants and needs. Way more.

Selling to your buyers’ aspirations.

Getting to know your audience has grown and morphed and is continually changing. 

But what’s next to gain a competitive market advantage when everyone seems to be using the same mix?

The answer: Getting to know your buyers’ aspirations. 

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Brand + Emotion

Giving way to the power of emotion in marketing

“A [person] makes a decision for two reasons – the good reason, and the real reason.” – J.P. Morgan

Think logically for a moment. What really drives our buying decisions? Especially ones that are quite costly – like a new car, or new home, or new masterpiece hanging on your wall. 

Is it safe? Is it well-made? Will it grow in value? Is it a good investment? 

When we say, “Yes,” to a purchase it’s not because of logical answers to those questions. Customers and loyal consumers purchase once, and come back, and again, because, “Hey, if it feels good…” 

It’s about the emotion behind the purchase.

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