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August 2014

Approaching his one-year anniversary, Marc continues to demonstrate excellence in managing/supporting diverse projects and has been promoted to Brand Manager for Art + Business ONE. Marc’s role will touch all aspects of brand presence for A+B1’s clientele to maintain brand voice and consistency.


August 2014

Right now in Colorado, the real estate market is booming, but as we have experienced, an “up market” doesn’t always last. Developers, builders, and homebuyers alike are used to newspaper headlines that point in one direction or another. Despite the ever-changing nature of this particular market, there are some things to be certain of.

Art + Business One understands the dynamics of the real estate market and has developed strategies to stay consistent and locked-in through the ups and downs.

Get away from assuming, telling, and selling…
To engagement.

We believe that no matter what the recent headlines tell us, it is important for community developers and homebuilders to focus on two things.

1.  Secure your value proposition and your position in the market.
It is essential to provide something unique…something that sets you apart so you don’t simply compete with the competition. Time spent worrying about what competitors are doing is time wasted. We believe it is most important to spend your marketing resources on promoting your brand’s unique offering.
2.  Become market ready.
Understand your customer, not simply what you think they want. Building rapport and conducting innovative market research ensures that you have an advantage with potential homebuyers no mater what the supply and demand equation appears to be at the time.

With these principles in mind, for over 35 years, we’ve been lucky to work with developers and homebuilders like Shea Homes, Ryland Homes and Boulder Creek Homes, and such communities as Highlands Ranch, Anthem, Green Gables Reserve, and Vallagio. Though times have changed, our understanding of the market has not, and our work proves it.


August 2014

Ryland Homes’ Colorado division has put together a group of builders to develop a prime piece of the Black Forest. Ryland, along with Shea Homes and TriPointe Homes, will build over 550 new homes in this community adjacent to Tallyn’s Reach in Douglas County. A+B1 has been retained to bring the vision of this development team to life using their proprietary “whole brand” approach for community brand development, story-telling and marketing efforts. Working with PCS Group, A+B1 will also provide brand input for the creation of the community’s signature elements.

The focus of the branding efforts will be to capture the allure and grace of Colorado’s High Plains with it’s majestic stands of Ponderosa pines.

Art+Business ONE provides proprietary and systematic brand delivery programs for a variety of clients in a variety of industries. Our involvement with the Colorado real estate community has allowed our passions to take hold, and our approach to creating “whole brands” to flourish.


August 2014

By now you that know Art + Business One has an impressive history. But what are we working on now?

Something that no one else in the industry can say they’re doing.

Green Gables Reserve, located on the former Green Gables Country Club grounds, is a community opening in 2015 in Lakewood, CO.  Art + Business One is facilitating the visioning of Green Gables Reserve, including community design and planning, and marketplace collaboration.

The Green Gables Reserve forum is an online venue for members of the public to share their opinions about what they want in a community, receive ongoing updates about Green Gables Reserve. We’ve been stunned by the results.

The forum has generated remarkable interest with nearly 1000 potential future residents. Through our engagement with potential Green Gables Reserve homebuyers, we’ve substantially raised the level of market interest in the community.

We believe, across all industries, that the customer is taking an ever-increasing role in the dynamic of new product introduction.

We are building rapport with the market. Engagement is a two-way street, and we’ve capitalized on that notion.

Art + Business One is proud to say that we’re unique in our approach. We’ve creatively strategized the planning, design, and experience of Green Gables Reserve by building rapport with the individuals who are most likely the future residents.

By continually doing business with the customer in mind, we’ve managed to stay innovative and preemptive in the market.