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Enhancing Customer Satisfaction By Asking Questions and Showing Results

The community development landscape is changing, and A+B1 is ahead of the curve.  As with any consumer-oriented industry, the customer is taking an ever-increasing role in the creation, design, use of, and of course, success of new products.  The same is true in new-home community development, and this perspective is reshaping the paradigm of how to build homebuyer satisfaction.  

When we began the visioning and conceptualization of Green Gables Reserve – a new, approximate 450-home community coming to Lakewood, CO – we turned to the community’s prospective residents to help shape its amenities and lifestyle offerings.  We did so by creating the Green Gables Forum, a survey-based website offering two-way dialogue for active and passive homebuyers to tell us what they want most in a new community. read more

A+B1 Founder Appointed to Nonprofit Advisory Board

The realization of a dream, a vision, a desire started in the A+B1 conference room when a long-time client sat down with us to extend his successful real estate enterprise into the nonprofit arena. We branded his vision, and have now been asked to assist in the leadership of the nonprofit entity.

In a previous blog post, we described that branding nonprofit entities is some of our favorite work. We were right, but we missed the bigger picture. Really, our favorite work comes in the form of serving the underserved, and that’s exactly what our founder, Lance Jackson, has been asked to do…and has done for many years. read more