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2017 MAME Award Winner : Community of the Year


Every year, just before the holidays, the best of the best put their very best to the test to take home as many MAME awards as possible. Or, they compete for the award that means the most for brand and storytelling firms like us: Community of the Year Award.

Art + Business ONE (A+B1) is pleased to announce that Green Gables Reserve won 2017 Community of the Year.

The MAME awards, short for “Marketing and Merchandising Excellence,” bring together marketers, homebuilders, realtors, salespeople, designers and architects in the homebuilding industry from across the state to compete. Award categories range from best model home interior design to best community amenity feature to the treasured Community of the Year, which comes as a result of taking top scores in a number of categories.

We are honored to win this exceptional award for an extraordinary community. Yet this award comes with years of work. We began our efforts with the division president of what was then Ryland Homes, now CalAtlantic Homes after the merger between Ryland and Standard Pacific, in late 2014 to define the vision of the community.

After touring the property and understanding the legacy of the land – the old Green Gables Country Club – the brand development process began.

However, it was our efforts aligned with our partnerships that truly realized Green Gables Reserve. We worked hand-in-hand with PCS, Inc, the landscape architects and land planning firm chosen for this project. It was like a game of pong – sharing concepts and pushing each other further to infuse the community brand into every experience, every structure, and every stone. Other partners included Trio Environments and their beautifully integrated, brand-aligned interior design for the community center – Legacy Center.

To win Community of the Year, a new home community is judged on its brochure, print ad(s), digital marketing campaign, information center, interior merchandising of a model home and architectural design.

Although we are proud of the Green Gables Reserve community brand, we are especially invigorated by the effectiveness of marketing and cultivation strategies employed. One example is the co-creation cultivation strategy that, with minimal costs for on-site promotional banners/billboards, created a database of interested prospects amounting to quadruple the amount of homes to be built. In other words, we cultivated a database of nearly 2,000 prospects for this nearly 500-home community before vertical construction started. Read more about the Green Gables Reserve Forum and co-creation strategies in our other blog post, Enhancing Customer Satisfaction by Asking Questions and Showing Results.

Winning Community of the Year is a triumph for CalAtlantic Homes, the developer and homebuilder of Green Gables Reserve. It is a significant community design and home building initiative for CalAtlantic, and the company’s stand-out project as both a developer and homebuilder.

For A+B1, it is a showcase of effective brand-aligned design and governance. More importantly for A+B1, though, is this demonstration of innovative marketing strategies completed efficiently and impactfully.

Other awards won by A+B1 at the 2017 MAME Awards:

  • Barefoot Lakes Community Brochure
  • Barefoot Lakes Community Amenity Feature
  • Green Gables Reserve Community of the Year

Introducing Jessica Davis, Brand Design Director

Art + Business ONE is delighted to share that Jessica Davis has joined the firm as brand design director. Jessica most recently served as marketing manager for Village Homes with previous experience in interior design.

A skilled graphic designer, she is a welcome addition to the A+B1 team. Jessica brings significant expertise in developing and executing comprehensive marketing strategies, paired with the insight of collaborating with a corporate team. She expands A+B1’s creative capabilities with her disciplined eye for design and ability to facilitate a cohesive brand program.

Jessica earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in graphic design from Colorado State University. Outside of work, she enjoys fitness and the outdoors (she’s currently training for the New York City Marathon). Jessica also exercises her creative muscles through painting and ceramics.

We’re thrilled to have Jessica at A+B1 and can’t wait for you to meet her!

An Inside Look at Our Winning Approach

Art + Business ONE has been a longtime member of the Home Builders Association, and our team was proud to gather with several industry clients to celebrate the successes of the past year at the 2016 Denver MAME Awards.

We were also honored to receive two awards for our work on behalf of two clients: Brookfield Residential and Sterling Ranch Development Company. These accolades are representative of our holistic approach to brand manifestation, with skillfully implemented projects like these supporting the overarching brands. We thought you might like to see the thinking that goes into our work. Here are highlights from our award-winning projects: read more

Congratulations to A+B1’s Creative Director/Cycling Champion

While we spend a great deal of time on the “business” of Art + Business ONE, we all enjoy taking an occasional break to keep our creative juices flowing. Vice President and Creative Director Cindy Milnick recently joined her husband, Brian, for 18 Hours of Fruita, an annual bike relay race at Highline Lake State Park.

The race kicked off at midnight with Cindy and Brian alternating laps and admiring the scenery for 17 hours and 24 minutes. Completing a total of 24 laps – an impressive 175.2 miles – our favorite fit couple took home the first place prize in their division.

Congratulations to Cindy and Brian for completing this feat of outstanding endurance. We’re happy to report that Cindy returned to work energized and injury-free!

Brookfield Residential Builds Community Brands with A+B1

At Art + Business ONE, we’re always delighted to see happy, returning clients ask for our expertise on new projects. We’ve had the pleasure of working with Brookfield Residential Properties, the fifth largest land developer and homebuilder in North America, on the branding for their latest Colorado community, Barefoot Lakes. Now, they’ve asked us to refine the branding for another development, Brighton Crossing, as they expand its offerings and provide more homes for growing families. read more