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Three real estate marketing projects

A+B1’s current real estate marketing projects

Because it feels good to show off sometimes

We’ve been around the block when it comes to real estate brand and marketing. From the past to current real estate marketing projects, we’ve had the chance to meet some truly remarkable people and craft meaningful places for families, couples, individuals and businesses to thrive.

For more than 40 years, the principals of A+B1 have guided the look, feel, sound, experience, launch and ongoing marketing support for local and national real estate development projects. And we’ve learned a lot because there’s a lot to be learned from decades of experience. But the real learning happens when rubber meets the road, and we’ve put on the miles.

Recently, success in real estate marketing projects relies just as much on what’s new and what’s changing as what’s tried and what’s proven. With our proprietary Awareness Positioning Engagement Cultivation (APEC) media launch strategy, the suite of brand and marketing capabilities converge to create a cumulative story; a bang. 

But we believe in more than just media and marketing communications. Because everything that makes an impact comes from an authentic and real, adaptable yet secure, and foundational brand; what the project stands for. What’s the purpose beyond its immediate trajectory? What do homebuyers and residents of today (and tomorrow) truly aspire to? To be. To do. To live.

That’s our pride and joy. Here’s a recap of some of our recent projects. Contact us and we’d be happy to sit down and dive deeper.

Brand Development for Lowrey Group Development and Riverbend in Johnstown, Colorado

We’re most eager to jump on board in the early stages of community visioning, and it’s here that we got an even more impactful opportunity: to work with the development team on creating their new identity, new voice, and new presence for more upcoming projects.

From initial visioning of the development brand through the creation of its website and collateral, we’ve helped Lowrey Group Development bring its heart, soul, and respect for relationships to the Colorado community development space. Because it’s all about creating partnerships and beneficial, long-lasting relationships with long-lasting visions.

Lowrey Group Development’s focus on partnering for potential is shown in its work with Johnston, Colorado to craft Riverbend, which is designed around Nature, Flow, Walkability, and Serenity. Utilizing these tenets, we aided the land planning team in programming, naming and theming community amenities to add value while staying true and intrinsic to the land.

Real Estate Marketing for RainDance in Windsor, Colorado

“Record-setting” scratches the surface of RainDance’s success in Northern Colorado. And working with a development team whose definition of “amenity” is nothing shy of “out of this world” makes getting creative that much more…creative.

We took off with the community name and purple cloud identity of RainDance to meld its look and feel to fit a revived message: Share the Bounty. It’s all about connecting the dots of agricultural heritage and a farm-to-table, come-together type of community. 

New marketing signs to capture attention, like half of a running shoe combined with half a piece of corn to communicate the miles of trails. Or half of a cherry combined with half of a golf ball to accentuate the fruiting tree orchards and 18-hole championship golf course (opening July 2022).

Blow-your-socks-off events with a collection of promotional marketing tactics made the RainDance community a household name throughout Northern Colorado. And it quickly became a special place – the place where all the cool stuff happens. 

Hundreds of homes were sold within a handful of years. Now, RainDance is selling through its final, crowned jewel opportunities: luxury new homes and custom homesites in its two golf course neighborhoods.

McStain Neighborhood’s “BeWell House” Program Coming to Life

Using the latest principles of neuromarketing to connect with the aspirations of its buyers, McStain embraced an authentic, communicative and compelling, resident-focused position that is human, relevant and beyond competing with technical specs.

Our approach was to take all of the remarkable qualities of McStain’s environmentally conscious and extremely high-performing new homes and package them into a brand program to communicate effectively why these homes are better all around. And that’s just what we did with BeWell House.

Now, it’s on full display throughout the six model homes and multiple inspiration centers at Arras Park – another community brand concept we’re proud to create and foster. Included in the three inspiration centers is the BeWell Center filled with exhibits and activated spaces to engage buyers in what’s different (and better all-around) in these new homes.

See more of our real estate marketing projects in our portfolio. Or, visit our studio for even more inspiration.

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