Latest News from Art + Business One

Congratulations to A+B1’s Creative Director/Cycling Champion

While we spend a great deal of time on the “business” of Art + Business ONE, we all enjoy taking an occasional break to keep our creative juices flowing. Vice President and Creative Director Cindy Milnick recently joined her husband, Brian, for 18 Hours of Fruita, an annual bike relay race at Highline Lake State Park.

The race kicked off at midnight with Cindy and Brian alternating laps and admiring the scenery for 17 hours and 24 minutes. Completing a total of 24 laps – an impressive 175.2 miles – our favorite fit couple took home the first place prize in their division.

Congratulations to Cindy and Brian for completing this feat of outstanding endurance. We’re happy to report that Cindy returned to work energized and injury-free!

Brookfield Residential Builds Community Brands with A+B1

At Art + Business ONE, we’re always delighted to see happy, returning clients ask for our expertise on new projects. We’ve had the pleasure of working with Brookfield Residential Properties, the fifth largest land developer and homebuilder in North America, on the branding for their latest Colorado community, Barefoot Lakes. Now, they’ve asked us to refine the branding for another development, Brighton Crossing, as they expand its offerings and provide more homes for growing families. read more

Recruiting Customers Through Co-Creation

How do you know what your customers want if you don’t ask them? Most businesses are familiar with the concept of asking customers for feedback on a product. The way in which companies approach market research continues to evolve, as does the determination of why, how, when and where to ask customers their opinion.

In some industries more than others, a shift has occurred recently that places greater significance on co-creation. Companies engage customers early on when they still have a chance to influence the product’s design. Before companies undergo the time and expense of fully developing a product, it makes sense to pull in their prospective and existing customers for insight. read more

A+B1 Wins Silver Key from Colorado Business Marketing Association

resourcefileColorado Business Marketing Association recognizes the best in B2B marketing each year with the Gold Key Awards. In April 2016, Art + Business ONE was honored to be recognized with a Silver Key for our work on “The Promise of Sterling Ranch,” a vision book that articulated the power of the innovations applied at Sterling Ranch to homebuilders and strategic partners. read more

A+B1 Expands Public Relations Offerings

Rachel Krantz has joined the Art + Business ONE team as the public relations coordinator. A Colorado native, Rachel recently returned to the Mile High City after living in Miami, where she graduated from the University of Miami and worked for a leading public relations and marketing agency.

She will collaborate with the Art + Business ONE team to provide comprehensive public relations campaigns to our clients, inclusive of media relations, social media strategies, corporate social responsibility programs, strategic alliances and events. Integrating these services with the holistic brand and marketing strategies will advance awareness and foster goodwill among target audiences.