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Building Meaningful Membership Association Brands: Relevancy and Respect

There is plenty of noise for people to “Join this,” or, “Join that.” But what makes your membership association brand stand out?

At Art + Business ONE, we pride ourselves on our ability to be nimble – allowing our branding and integrated marketing communications expertise to permeate multiple industries. And because of this – working with clients from various, differing industries – we continually add to our toolkit of creative solutions. We take note of successes found in one industry as potential building blocks to create successes in another. read more

Continually Expanding Our Areas of Expertise

A person is defined by their work no more than a company is defined by its success and growth.

With nearly a decade under its belt, Art + Business ONE is continually growing in size, success and longevity.  At the beginning of March, A+B1 welcomed three new team members to its roster.

To produce exceptional graphic design, it takes intuition, training and years of experience.  Lauren Marinelli, Art Director, brings to Art + Business ONE more than fifteen years of professional graphic design experience across different media and industries.  That degree of practical knowledge, mixed with her pursuit for perfect design, and her strive to push boundaries, bolster the list of capabilities and expertise of A+B1.

Operationalizing efficient internal processes is not a walk in the park.  It takes a breadth of experience, an attitude and a passion to make a difference.  Becca Strelitz, Operations Manager, embodies the attributes needed to concurrently manage projects, people and clients.  With her addition to the roster, A+B1 builds upon its core values of delivering quality work in a timely manner and ensuring client satisfaction.

Marrying web development with an eye for good design is invaluable in an industry of highly-specialized, siloed positions.  Bryan Davis, Web Development Manager, has bridged the gap between designer and developer, producing websites that flow with and complement a brand experience.  His experience across multiple industries and customization of differing web platforms such as WordPress and Magento widen the vast capabilities A+B1 delivers to clients on a daily basis.

For more than 40 years, the principals of A+B1 have raised the standard in integrated marketing communications and holistic brand strategies.  With the recent new additions, its roster of experienced and forward-thinking team members create one powerful force to drive your brand from its inception to its next stage of success.


A New Frontier for Master-Planned Community Development

When three long-term client relationships approached A+B1 to assist in the visioning and brand development of a new community, what could we say?  Of course!


Historically, master-planned communities are birthed from a land developer who develops the land and sells lots to builders.  Unique to the realm of master-planned communities is Whispering Pines.  It is the offspring of three national production builders: Ryland Homes, Shea Homes and TriPointe Homes.


Art + Business ONE is assisting in the creation of the community’s brand identity and development of that brand.  We extrapolate the core vision behind the brand and make it a reality through our assistance in community amenity selection and design.  A+B1 is working with People Creating Spaces (PCS) on the land planning, landscape design and manifestation of the brand identity in its physical beauty.


For Whispering Pines, community amenities aren’t your grandfather’s Community Center.  Instead, in the spirit of Colorado’s Black Forest and the area’s surrounding environment, Whispering Pines is taking a more appropriate, “natural” approach.  Think trailheads.  Think multiple ponds stacked amongst each other.  Think of a nature-planned community.

To learn more about what we’re doing for Whispering Pines, visit our Portfolio page.

A+B1 in Collaboration with Siemens

Art + Business ONE and Siemens are collaborating on multiple aspects of the technological innovations that will be part of the Sterling Ranch Development.  To provide guidance to Siemens in all things “brand”, Art + Business ONE is leading the charge for the community website design, integration of the community’s applied innovations into initial marketing stages, and content production for and about Siemens’ community-exclusive devices.

Siemens is a partner in the Sterling Ranch Development and plays an integral role in the interconnectedness of the community and the technology that can be found in each home.  Siemens’ focus in energy-efficient, resource-saving technologies is a perfect fit for the sustainable nature of this one-of-a-kind community.

The collaboration with Siemens has left Art + Business ONE rapt with excitement.  We can only imagine what the future holds for Sterling Ranch due to this partnership.

A Strategic, Artfully-Crafted New Identity

New Year.  New identity.  New opportunities.  Same focused passion for systematic and artfully-crafted strategies that elevate, distinguish and empower our clients’ brands.

Simplicity and an intuitive understanding of function are the outcomes of good design and good strategy.  Our new brand identity is the offspring of that sensibility.

The clarity of communication.  The simplicity of design.  Your brand should do no less.  Contact us to learn how we can associate conviction and confidence with your brand identity.